North Texas Renewable Energy Group Photo Journal
Updated: June 11, 2013

Since 2001, the North Texas Renewable Energy Group has been participating in Earth Day, Home Shows, ecology fairs, environmentally-themed activities, and many others. Most events are "solar" in some way. A few aren't - such as when we provide solar electricity for the Plano Methodist Hospital Cancer Center Fundraiser .. or assist Habitat for Humanity with electricity at a construction site where power is otherwise unavailable. Our members and non-member volunteers often set up a display table (and sometimes a fully tented booth) at these events, from which we distribute educational literature, answer questions, and display solar energy items, equipment, energy-efficient lights and appliances, and other items.
Frequently, our members provide solar electricity for sound stages, vendors, communications, public address systems, and other needs. In many cases, the solar electricity we provide is the only source of power at an event. For example, Prairie Fest, which is held annually at the Tandy Hills Natural Area, has no utility power anywhwere in the park!
This page contains links to photo journals for some of these events. The links are listed in calendar order, from the most recent year, back to 2001. We participated at many events prior to 2008, but we weren't very active with our cameras. As a result, we don't have many photos of those earlier years.
Our mission is public education about energy efficiency and solar energy, and we do a very good job toward achieving that goal. On the other hand, we're admittedly not very good at photography, but we try. Photos in these journals have been donated by many different people. Subsequently, the quality and subjects of the photos vary .. but we hope these pages will give you an idea of the events we attend, the work we do, and the fun we have throughout the year. Whether you're an NTREG member .. or simply curious about solar energy and related topics, you're welcome to join us at any of our activities. The best way to learn is to be around when others ask questions and get answers!
If you'd like to contribute photos from any of these events, come along with us .. and bring your camera! Whether you're a seasoned "solar" veteran, or an absolute beginner, your assistance in any form would be VERY welcome - even if it's your first time!
Want to help? Feel free to contact us.
Our schedule of events and other activities are posted on our website "Events" page (for near-term items), and our "Calendar" page for the calendar year. We participate in many, but not all of the functions listed on either page. Many are shown for informational purposes in case you and/or others would like to take part. Announcements and reminders of our activities are sent through our Yahoo Conversation Group and via e-mail using "Constant Contact". You are welcome join our Yahoo Conversation Group by entering your e-mail address in the box at the bottom of our main page. You may also "unsubscribe" at any time without any action on our part.
Some of the journal links are not yet active. They'll be added soon. We've included them so everyone has an opportunity to see what's coming.
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April 20

Energy Smart in Bedford

April 20 & 21

Earth Day Dallas

April 6

Fort Worth Earth Party in Sundance Square

May 25

Solar Impulse Solar Airplane Visit to Dallas / Fort Worth Airport









March 31

Fort Worth Prairie Fest March

April 14

Energy Smart in Bedford

April 15

Promise of Peace Garden Eco Fest

April 27

Frito-Lay Eco Fair

April 28

Fort Worth Prairie Fest April

May 12

Fort Worth Nature Center "Buffalo Boogie"

May 19

Plano Methodist Hospital "Wild Ride Against Cancer"

May 26

Fort Worth Prairie Fest - May

June 9

NTREG June 2012 Meeting - Solar Car Presentation

June 16

Fort Worth Solar Music Fest

June 23

Tarrant County Farmer's Fest

September 22

City of Arlington 2012 Eco Fest

September 29

2012 Renewable Energy Roundup - Fredericksburg, Texas

October 6

2012 National Solar Home Tour - Dallas / Fort Worth Edition









January 8

Texas Solar Energy Society Annual Meeting in Dallas

April 14

Tarrant County Earth Day

April 17

Live Green in Plano

April 23

Fort Worth Prairie Fest

September 22

City of Arlington Eco Fest

September 26

Botanical Research Institute of Texas

September 29

2011 Renewable Energy Roundup, Fredericksburg, Texas
(Event cancelled for 2011.)

October 1

2011 National Solar Home Tour - Dallas / Fort Worth Edition









March 20

Fort Worth Museum of Science and History

March 27 & 28

Dallas Home Improvement Show

April 10

City of Irving Earth Day

April 17

Live Green in Plano

April 18

Oak Cliff Earth Day

April 23

Frito-Lay Eco Fest

April 24

Fort Worth Prairie Fest

April 29 - May 2

Mayfest 2010

May 24

Wind Energy Exposition (Dallas)

June 18

Midwest Renewable Energy Fair, Custer, Wisconsin

June 26

Dallas Amateur Radio Club Field Day

September 18

City of Arlington Ecofest

September 24 - 26

Renewable Energy Roundup, Fredericksburg, Texasa

September 25

Mother Earth News Fair, Seven Springs, Pennsylvania

October 2

2010 National Solar Home Tour - Dallas / Fort Worth Edition

October 6

National Solar Home Tour

October 23

Green Spot Chili Cookoff

November 20

Promise of Peace Garden









April 25

Prairie Fest

Apr 30 - May 3

Mayfest 2009
(Canceled in 2009 due to "swine flu" concerns.)

June 16

Solar Music Fest

September 27

Renewable Energy Roundup, Fredericksburg, Texas

November 14

NTREG Meeting & Field Trip to the Timbercreek House









April 19

Live Green in Plano

April 26

Prairie Fest

July 20

Hippiefest (Nokia Theater)

July 20 - 28

Hunt-Winston Solar Car Challenge









May 3 - 6

Mayfest 2007









May 4 - 7

Mayfest 2006









April 28 - May 1

Mayfest 2005









April 17

Earth Day at Fair Park

Apr 29 - May 2

Mayfest 2004









May 1 - 4

Mayfest 2003









April 20

"Earthfest at White Rock Lake". We have no images for Earthfest or other 2002 NTREG events.
Can you help? Contact us!










"North Texas Renewable Energy Group was founded in 2001. Do you have any photos of our first year activities?
Please contact us!








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