North Texas Renewable Energy Group - Event Photo Journal
2011 Fort Worth Prairie Fest.
2011 was a record year for Prairie Fest. It grew in five short years from a backyard neighborhood gathering of 200 people in 2005 to an event attracting 5,000 visitors in 2011.

Through this gate passed nearly 5,000 visitors to Prairie Fest 2011.
Hard to believe there could be that many - until you get a wide-angle view of the entire event.
Prairie Fest 2011 opened with the traditional themes from the Fort Worth Bagpipe and Drum Band.
The large cables on the ground leading to the stage provide power to the main audio amplifiers. Some bands use up to 10,000 watts!
The first band of the day warming up.
Bands this year included the Ackermans, Triggerfish, Pablo and the Hemphill 7, and Brave Combo.
Prairie Fest Power & Light - Dan's Solar Shuttle provided power for the main soundstage. He has been providing 100% solar electricity for Prairie Fest since 2006.
A second sound stage (an "accoustic" stage) also required power for the microphones. This modest system provided all the electricity needed.
Each year, artists "paint the prairie" and sell the paintings to raise money for the Friends of Tandy Hills (a non-profit organization). And what do they paint? ...
They paint flowers! Scenery! Birds. The Tandy Hills Natural Area is an incredibly diverse and scenic area!
Creativity abounds at Prairie Fest. This vendor is selling ear rings made from recycled bottle caps!
Birds. Plants. Works of art. Information. Music. Food. Family fun! Prairie Fest has it all!




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EcoVantage Energy
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IKEA Frisco, TX
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North Texas Facilities Expo 2016-09-21
North Texas Facilities Expo
North Texas Facilities Expo is a broad based facilities event with an emphasis on green buildings that features the latest products and services in the industry.

Solar View
Promoting the financial and environmental benefits of solar electric power systems, and dedicated to providing customers with an extraordinary solar energy experience!

Pathways Church 2016-09-21
Pathways Church
A congregation that upholds the Principles and Purposes of the Unitarian Universalist Association.

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Texas Chapter of the American Solar Energy Society.

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