North Texas Renewable Energy Group - Event Photo Journal
2010 Fort Worth Prairie Fest.
Prairie Fest this year was the largest ever. What started as a neighborhood fund-raiser to help preserve the Tandy Hills Natural Area has grown to become one of the largest grass-roots event in the Metroplex. 2010 was the third year NTREG members provided power for the sound stage. In fact, there's no commercial power in the park! In spite of the "Solar Shuttle" Prairie Fest debut near the sound stage, many event attendees still didn't realize Prairie Fest is totally solar powered!

Prairie Fest Entrance. People arrived an hour before the official open. Note the sky! Super clear all day!
The opening performers get ready.
The Fort Worth Scottish Pipe & Drum Band has become an opening tradition at Praire Fest.
Here they come!
There they go!.
The Pipe & Drum band marched from the park entrance to the main stage.
Renditions of numerous well-known songs kept everyone's attention. Their patriotic songs were an inspiration to all.
The Band members stay around after their performance to talk with Prairie Fest visitors and exhibitors alike.
"Prairie Fest Power & Light". 2010 was Dan's third year powering Prairie Fest.
And here's what he powered. Small sound stage. Big sound! Bands consumed 10,000 watts of electricity on audio peaks!
Mike Renner's solar trailer provided power as well. The NTREG booth had air conditioning!
North Texas Renewable Energy booth. That's NTREG Membership Coordinator Dy Winsett in the background.
Early in the day, it's easier to talk with the many vendors. Booths and play areas aren't crowded.
There's something of interest for people of all ages at Prairie Fest.
The swing set got a workout all day!
Food vendors at Prairie Fest serve up some very tasty cuisine!
The calm before the storm. Not too crowded. Early is an ideal time to arrive!
It doesn't take long for the main stage amphitheater area to begin to fill up.
Nearly 5,000 people attended Prairie Fest in 2010. Most stuck around to listen to the free music all afternoon.
View from the Solar Shuttle. The tent protects the audio equipment and people from the sun. 2010's Prairie Fest had super-clear skies nearly all day!
Brave Combo setting up. They've won two Grammy Awards!
The Solar Shuttle provides power .. AND shade!
As large as the Solar Shuttle is, it's almost lost in the crowd.
A better view of the crowd. 5,000 people all waiting for ...
... Brave Combo!
The moment they starting playing...
.. people got up to dance!. Here, they're doing the "Chicken Dance". It's hilarious .. and fun for all ages!
Nearly sundown. The solar panels on the Solar Shuttle kept the batteries full all day! There was plenty of power even after sunset!




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