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Updated: November 21, 2015.
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NTREG Monthly Meeting
Date: Saturday, December 12, 2015.
Time: 10:00 am - 12:00 noon
Location: Midway Hills Christian Church, 11001 Midway Road, Dallas, Texas. (Map)
Our meetings are held in the Fellowship Hall, which is accessible through the church main entry, or from doors in the rear.
Topic: "A 'DIY' Portable Solar Power System You Can Build"
Presenter: Mike Renner
We're often asked "How can I design and build a small solar electric system for use during power outages, camping, and other needs?" Our December meeting will provide answers to your questions. We'll start with a presentation by Mike Renner, who lives in a totally "off-grid" solar home (no utility power!). Mike will explain the basics of the design (How many solar panels? What size of battery? .. and so forth), the hardware selection process (What do I buy? Where can I buy it?) .. and the steps to build it and make it work.
A completed portable power cart will be on display. You can see it, touch it, ask questions - and even photograph it if you wish!
Whether you'd like to learn about the basics of how a simple system would be designed .. or take it all the way to building a portable solar power unit of your own .. our December 12 meeting will answer questions for everyone!
About Our Presenter
Mike Renner is the consummate "do-it-yourself-er". He lives with his wife in a home he built on acreage near Weatherford. He designed and constructed a 100+ foot tower to hold his 10,000 watt wind generator, and installed all of his own solar electric and solar hot water systems. He also designed and built two solar trailers, plus an assortment of portable solar power systems, as well as many of the solar energy demonstration displays NTREG uses at events and activities. In his spare time .. he dreams up other ways to help share the message of solar energy!

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IKEA Frisco, TX
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Texas Chapter of the American Solar Energy Society.

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Midway Hills Christian Church
Midway Hills Christian Church
Our very cordial host for NTREG's meetings. Good facilities. Good access. Good people!

Solar View
Promoting the financial and environmental benefits of solar electric power systems, and dedicated to providing customers with an extraordinary solar energy experience!

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