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The goal of the North Texas Renewable Energy Group is to promote public education in solar energy and energy efficiency. We hold monthly meetings and participate in a variety of activities and events throughout the year. Membership in NTREG is voluntary, reasonably priced, and helps offset our expenses as we continue to expand our program of public education. Memberships are valid for one calendar year beginning on the date you join.
If you require a tax deduction, donations to NTREG are tax-deductable when submitted through the Texas Solar Energy Society, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.
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Benefits of North Texas Renewable Energy Group Membership:

  • Voting privileges. Help select our Group leadership.
  • Eligibility to participate on or partner with our Executive Committee.
  • Posting of personal solar projects on our "Member Projects" page (at your option).
  • Business & Professional Members: Advertising and a link to your website for your renewable-energy business.
  • Possible discounts on NTREG and TXSES merchandise and event tickets. Texas Solar Energy Society and American Solar Energy Society Memberships convey additional benefits.
Our membership structure is very simple:
Membership Level Annual Rate Membership Benefits
NTREG Individual Membership $20 Basic NTREG Membership. Does not include membership in TXSES.
NTREG/TXSES Individual Membership $45 Combined individual membership in NTREG and TXSES.
NTREG Professional Membership
(For individuals self-employed in the renewable energy industry.)
$150 Membership in NTREG & TXSES an in-column listing with banner graphic, and a link to your website (if any) on each of our web pages.
NTREG Corporate / Business Membership $275 Membership in NTREG & TXSES. Includes an in-column listing, description, link to your website, and banner graphic on each of our web pages. Listings appear above "Professional Members".
NTREG Financial Support
Help defray our ongoing costs.
$50 - $500
  • "Watt": Acknowledgement of your donation with an individual's or company name (mention optional if an individual).
  • "Kilowatt": Same as "Watt", plus your business logo listed on each of our web pages.
  • "Megawatt": Same as "Kilowatt", plus periodic mention in our monthly Constant Contact and other news and events reminders.
  • "Gigawatt": Same as "Megawatt", plus regular mention in our monthly Constant Contact and other news and events reminders.
  • Donate to NTREG Any amount. Acknowledgement as a "Sustaining Member" within our in-column listings on each of our web pages. (Mention of your name at your option if an individual.)
    "NTREG" is the North Texas Renewable Energy Group.
    "TXSES" is the Texas Solar Energy Society.
    "ASES" is the American Solar Energy Society.
    NTREG Membership
    Please first review the membership options in the table above. Next, select the appropriate membership type from the drop-down box (below), then click the "Subscribe" button.
    We strongly encourage (at a minimum) combined membership in NTREG and TXSES (the Texas Solar Energy Society).
    NTREG Membership Options

    NTREG Financial Support Options
    Support NTREG in one easy step!
    Select your preferred amount. Your financial assistance will enable a multitude of educational and other functions we provide. Our website serves North Texas by listing a variety of events. Information on site is used by educational institutions around the country. Our Glossary is in use by the University of Southern California and other schools! Please select your desired level of support from the drop-down box below, then click "Add to Cart".
    You may donate at any time, and as often as you prefer. Acknowledgement for your generosity will (with your permission) be posted on our website for one year from the date of your donation.

    Donate to NTREG
    NTREG is totally self-funded. All of our expenses are paid by membership dues, sponsorships, and donations by members and friends .. and if necessary .. out of our own pockets.
    We don't focus exclusively on solar energy education. Since 2001, NTREG members have provided power for: first-responders after Hurricane Katrina; Plano Methodist Hospital Cancer Research Center fund raisers; Habitat for Humanity; amateur ("ham") radio operators during simulated and real emergencies; and marathons for numerous charities .. to name but a few of the countless events and activities we've supported over the years!
    Your donation in any amount is gratefully accepted and may be made at any time, as well as more than once during the year.

    All NTREG membership and donation transactions
    are handled securely by PayPal®
    Master Card, Visa, Discover, and American Express Debit & Credit Cards accepted.
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    The North Texas Renewable Energy Group Privacy Policy

    The North Texas Renewable Energy Group ("NTREG") places a very high priority on protecting your privacy. This privacy policy was created in order to demonstrate NTREG's commitment to the privacy of our members and website users. This policy explains what types of information is collected by the NTREG's website,, and how this information is used.
    "IP" Addresses
    NTREG uses IP address to help diagnose problems with our server, to administer, and for statistical metrics used to track website visitor traffic. Only our webmaster has access to IP information. IP addresses do not identify you personally, but instead show how many visitors used the various features on our website. ("IP" addresses are "Internet Protocol" addresses - those funny number-looking things such as "123.45.678.9" you sometimes see as part of a website address, and elsewhere. It's like a disposable phone number that tells the Internet computers where to send information.)
    NTREG does not use "cookies" of any type on its website, nor do we place any "cookies" on your computer. Cookies may be used on any linked websites not under our control. This includes the PayPal site that handles our membership and donation transactions. (What is a "cookie"?)
    How Your Information May Be Used
    First and foremost, your information stays with us. We do not sell, rent, share, or release any of your personal information to anyone at any time. Period. We use your personal information to provide you with membership expiration and renewal reminders; to send e-mail messages; to answer your requests; and to process your membership and donation applications. To reduce costs (and save trees!), we strive not to use standard mail. If you participate in our Yahoo Conversation Group, you select your own settings as to what mail you receive, and how often. You may choose to opt out of the Yahoo Group at any time, which will stop all Yahoo Group communications from NTREG, but may not stop membership-related communication from us. Participation in our Yahoo Group does not convey or imply membership in NTREG, TXSES, or ASES.
    E-mail Privacy
    NTREG does not provide, sell, rent, share, or make available e-mail addresses to anyone outside our organization.
    We may amend this privacy policy from time to time; please review it periodically. We maintain the option to modify this privacy at any time by electronic notice posted on our website. Your continued use of our website after the date that such notices are posted will be deemed to be your agreement to the changed terms.

    External Links
    Our website, "" includes links to many external websites. These links do not fall under the "" domain, and subsequently NTREG is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of any external websites. Your use of any linked website is solely at your own risk.
    Reference to a specific company, product, or service on NTREG's website does not constitute or imply recommendation or endorsement by NTREG. NTREG is not legally responsible or liable for claims by third parties expressed herein, or in links from this website.  
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    Stay Connected With Us!

    NTREG Corporate Members

    EcoVantage Energy
    EcoVantage Energy
    Dedicated to the growth of the renewable energy industry, continually striving to increase a cleaner, healthier environment.

    Native - Build Native
    Green builder leading the way to a sustainable future with a comprehensive range of solutions to help Texans save and create energy.

    Solar View
    Promoting the financial and environmental benefits of solar electric power systems, and dedicated to providing customers with an extraordinary solar energy experience!

    NTREG Professional Members
    DwellGreen of Dallas
    DwellGreen of Dallas
    Experienced Energy Auditor in Dallas, Texas. Serving the entire Dallas Metro Area & Surrounding Communities. Green home inspections * Building inspection * Construction consulting * Energy auditing * General energy management.

    Good Faith Energy
    Good Faith Energy
    A developer focused on practical, sustainable solar production and energy storage solutions.

    Event Partners & Sponsors

    Terawatt Level
    (Opportunities Available!)

    Earth Day Texas 2016
    Earth Day Texas
    Annual, indoor & outdoor festival seeking to elevate environmental awareness and influence the way Texans think, live and work. Family-friendly and free-admission.

    Gigawatt Level
    (Opportunities Available!)

    Axium Solar
    Axium Solar
    Turnkey, design-build solutions in both retrofit and new construction applications.

    Electric Vehicle Partner

    Nissan Leaf
    Nissan Leaf
    America's best-selling electric vehicle.

    ONCOR Take A Load Off Texas
    Energy efficiency programs for residential consumers, business owners and government and educational facilities.

    Universal Solar
    Delivering a sustainable energy future worldwide.

    Megawatt Level
    (Opportunities Available!)

    IKEA Frisco, TX
    IKEA Frisco, TX
    The IKEA Frisco store is equipped with a 912-kW solar electric system. It generates about 1,336,300 kW-h of clean electricity annually, equivalent to reducing 1,016 tons of carbon dioxide, eliminating the emissions of 181 cars, or powering 115 homes yearly.

    North Texas Facilities Expo 2016-09-21
    North Texas Facilities Expo
    North Texas Facilities Expo is a broad based facilities event with an emphasis on green buildings that features the latest products and services in the industry.

    Solar View
    Promoting the financial and environmental benefits of solar electric power systems, and dedicated to providing customers with an extraordinary solar energy experience!

    Pathways Church 2016-09-21
    Pathways Church
    A congregation that upholds the Principles and Purposes of the Unitarian Universalist Association.

    Texas Solar Energy Society
    Texas Chapter of the American Solar Energy Society.

    Kilowatt Level
    (Opportunities Available!)

    Midway Hills Christian Church
    Midway Hills Christian Church
    Our very cordial host for NTREG's meetings. Good facilities. Good access. Good people!

    Watt Level
    (Opportunities Available!)


    NTREG Friends & Supporters

    Greensource DFW
    Greensource DFW
    THE Dallas/Fort Worth Environmental News & Community Resource!

    North Texas Electric Auto Association
    North Texas Electric Auto Association
    Informative meetings about electric vehicles. Public welcome.

    Reference to a specific company, product, or service on NTREG's website does not constitute or imply recommendation or endorsement by NTREG. NTREG is not legally responsible or liable for claims by third parties expressed herein, or in links from this website.